OCULiHD 4G 5MP Wirefree Camera

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Wireless 4G 5MP Wirefree PIR Camera

OCULiHD is a battery powered, standalone wireless PIR detector with a built-in 5 megapixel camera. It provides rapid visual verification of captured events using the 4G mobile network. OCULiHD can be used anywhere that has a good 4G signal and requires a webeye SIM card (sold separately). We can supply non-steered M2M 4G SIMs, on both single network and multi network. Batteries are sold separately or you can use the optional Solar Kit which facilitates longer uninterrupted duration in the field. OCULiHD can also support audio challenge and two way audio when using the optional external speaker and inbuilt microphone. You can monitor your sites yourself or use one of our 3rd party monitoring stations via the webeyeCMS portal and mobile app. OCULiHD becomes a complete security solution when combined with webeyeCMS which enables alarm notifications and video to be sent to your own mobile device or browser (no expensive hardware or infastructure required). The all-in-one unit, when bought from Webeye, comes pre-configured so works out of the box. All events and footage are audited and stored on our cloud servers so it can be easily downloaded for prosecution purposes. The webeyeCMS portal has a monthly subscription charge and connection fee. More OCULiHD wirefree 4G 5MP Camera information.
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