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Webeye is a leading CCTV Distributor. We offer competitive pricing on the latest innovative CCTV equipment from leading manufacturers such as Hikvision. Products include Digital Recording Systems, IP Cameras and CCTV monitoring equipment. All products can be specified with the unique webeyeCMS alarm platform for dependable alarm delivery leading to improved alarm accuracy and reduced false alarms.

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Deep Learning

Technologies that ‘learn’ their environment are set to become the foundation of the security industry. Webeye is at the forefront by supplying artificial intelligence appliances from Avigilon and Hikvision with self learning analytics which vastly improve alarm accuracy and reduce false alarms. Their advanced video pattern-based algorithms ignore any activity that is”n’t relevant and lean to recognize the movements and characteristics of people and vehicles. Teach-by-example technology enables users to provide feedback about the accuracy of alarms to refine the device’s self-learning capabilities.

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DETERRENT Products that can stop an intruder in their tracks can be an invaluable tool in your armoury to deter the criminal. Webeye has a range of products that can protect particularly retail environments such as jewellers, banks and warehouses because they quickly inhibit the ability of intruders to carry out their activity.

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Visually Verified

A video clip of an intrusion taking place is all the proof needed to initiate a response from law enforcement agencies. Our range of battery powered and wireless visual verification products are ideal to protect remote sites, outdoor locations and void properties or any harsh environment where there is no mains power. We are the UK’s leading distributor of Videofied products which when combined with the webeyeCMS alarm platform turns into an complete security solution for guarding companies, for example, to use as a force enhancer to protect remote sites and improve response time.

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Webeye supplies professional detector equipment for outdoor and indoor use including Infa-Red and White-Light LED Illuminators. Our detection equipment are quality products which are thoroughly tested to perform well in real- world environments. They rapidly identify and validate genuine alerts by triggering CCTV to help identify false alarms making it easy to optimise call-out response.

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